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Towns and Nature
Experience your travel in Bulgaria in combination of nature and towns.
Veliko Turnovo »
A medieval Bulgarian capital, Veliko Turnovo was called "the Third Rome","The Second Constantinopole". It carries the spirit of Bulgarian medieval state.
Nessebar »
This wonderful seaside town is an architectural reserve, included in UNESCO's list of World Cultural Heritage.
Perperikon »
Perperikon is one of a kind megalith complex, dated back by the time of Troy and Micenna civilizations.Called "The Rocky Town of Thracians", this was probably the famous in Antiquity Dionysius's prophesy temple
Plovdiv »
Plovdiv-one of the oldest cities in Europe. A great number of cultural and historical monuments from different epoches could be seen here.
Koprivshtitza »
This town is probably the most famous reserve in Bulgaria.It will impress you with its unique atmosphere,representing the Bulgarian Revival Period.
Tryavna »
Bulgarian town Tryavna is preserving the spirit, the culture and traditions of the Bulgarian Renaissance Period. It was a town of art and crafts - one of the first Bulgarian icon-painting schools was opened here and a woodcarving school too.
Arbanassi »
The village of Arbanassi was found in XV century.It will reveal you great examples of Bulgarian architecture.Don't miss to visit the "Nativity of Christ" Church with its wonderful murals.
Pirin National Park »
Pirin is the third highest mountain on Balkan Peninsula. It is a great nature sight included in UNESCO's list.Enjoy the beautiful sceneries in Pirin National Park and feel the energy of the mountain.
Srebarna Nature Reserve »
Srebarna is a nature reserve situated in northeast Bulgaria. It is near the city of Silistra and it lies on the bird migration route between Europe and Africa. The reserve consists of a lake named Srebarna and its surroundings.
Wonderful Bridges »
Wonderful Bridges (Chudnite mostove) are rocky phenomena situated in the Western parts of Rhodope Mountain. They were formed as a result of erosion actions of a high-water river in the past.
Melnik Pyramids »
One of the most attractive nature sights in Southwestern Bulgaria are Melnik Pyramids.They consist of sand stone and get amazing colours in the sun light.
The Rocks of Belogradchik »
The rocks of Belogradchik are natural rocky formings situated in the foot of Western Balkan Mountain.They have been formed by many ages-probably about 200 million years.
The Rammed Stones »
The Rammed Stones are rocky phenomena formed by erosion about 50 million years ago
Improvement of the infrastructure in the Valley of the Thracian rulers near Kazanlak, Bulgaria
The authorities in Bulgaria granted additional 1,5 million BGN in August 2012 for further studying and improvement of the infrastructure in the Valley of the Thracian rulers near Kazanlak, Bulgaria. »  BOOK A TOUR
The Thracian horseman god at the Roman Sostra, Troyan, Bulgaria
The archaeologists explored the sanctuary of the Thracian horseman god at the Roman town of Sostra, Troyan, Bulgaria in August 2012. »  BOOK A TOUR
A Roman tomb of 4 century A.D. was excavated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2012
A Roman tomb of 4 century A.D. was excavated in the South Roman necropolis of Roman town of Philip polis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria in summer of 2012. »  BOOK A TOUR
The artifacts of the Goths tribes of 4 century A.D. in Bulgaria
A clay form for making gold and silver jewelry was found in the Roman town of Nicopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in 2011. The archaeologists believe the clay jewelry form was typical only for the tribes of the Goths. »  BOOK A TOUR
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