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Festivals and Traditions
Come to Bulgaria for the season of roses and take part in a great event- The Rose Festival.
The Rose Festival »
Every year, in late spring, end of May - beginning of June, the Bulgarian oleaginous rose blooms. It is the time of The Rose Festival. Bulgarian towns of Karlovo, Kazanlak and Pavel Banya become centers of the celebrations. Come into the land of Roses!
Folklore Festivals in Koprivshtitza and Predela »
The most exciting folklore festivals in Bulgaria are those in Koprivshtitza and in Predela.Through the music, singing and dancing you will touch the unique Bulgarian folklore art. This is an experience you could not forget.
Bulgarian Yoghurt Festival »
Every summer in July, the Bulgarian town of Razgrad becomes a center of the unique Yoghurt Festival. This festival is combined with the Festival of Old Bulgarian traditions and Authentic Bulgarian Folklore.
Etar Ethnographic Museum »
A tour in Bulgaria should include a visit to Etara, the architectural and ethnographic open-air museum near the city of Gabrovo. Etara represents the city life of Gabrovo region in the second half of XVIII c. and XIX c - the time of Bulgarian Renaissance.
Samovodska Charshia /Samovod Marketplace/ »
One of the most attractive places during sightseeing tour in Veliko Tarnovo is Samovodska Charshia. It is situated in the Old Quarter and was a famous street market in XIXc.
Improvement of the infrastructure in the Valley of the Thracian rulers near Kazanlak, Bulgaria
The authorities in Bulgaria granted additional 1,5 million BGN in August 2012 for further studying and improvement of the infrastructure in the Valley of the Thracian rulers near Kazanlak, Bulgaria. »  BOOK A TOUR
The Thracian horseman god at the Roman Sostra, Troyan, Bulgaria
The archaeologists explored the sanctuary of the Thracian horseman god at the Roman town of Sostra, Troyan, Bulgaria in August 2012. »  BOOK A TOUR
A Roman tomb of 4 century A.D. was excavated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2012
A Roman tomb of 4 century A.D. was excavated in the South Roman necropolis of Roman town of Philip polis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria in summer of 2012. »  BOOK A TOUR
The artifacts of the Goths tribes of 4 century A.D. in Bulgaria
A clay form for making gold and silver jewelry was found in the Roman town of Nicopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in 2011. The archaeologists believe the clay jewelry form was typical only for the tribes of the Goths. »  BOOK A TOUR
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