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Plovdiv-one of the oldest cities in Europe. A great number of cultural and historical monuments from different epoches could be seen here.
Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The first settlement appeared here in the 6-th millennium B.C. It turned into a town during XII c.B.C. and it was inhabited by Thracians. They gave the first name of the town- Eumolpia- by the name of the mythical Thracian king Eumolp who according to ancient Greek sources was the founder of the town. Later the town was conquered by Philip of Macedonia and its name became Philippopolis. After Roman invasion the town was included in the Roman province of Thrace. It was called Trimonzium and it was considered as the most important city of the province.
During the time of the Ottoman rule the name of the city became Filibe and most of it was destroyed. In the times of the Revival period Plovdiv regained its fame as a prosperous trade and cultural center.
There are many cultural and historical sites in Plovdiv left from its glorious days: the ancient stadium who could hold 30 000 people, the ancient agora (forum), the Roman theatre, Roman mosaics which decorated the Roman houses from IV-V c. A.D.
A sightseeing tour of Plovdiv includes walking in the Old town which is like an open-air museum and keeps the spirit of the Bulgarian Renaissance city life. There are more than 150 houses- monuments of culture, examples of Bulgarian XIX c. architecture. The most impressive is the Ethnographic museum, situated in a magnificent house of a wealthy tradesmen.
Improvement of the infrastructure in the Valley of the Thracian rulers near Kazanlak, Bulgaria
The authorities in Bulgaria granted additional 1,5 million BGN in August 2012 for further studying and improvement of the infrastructure in the Valley of the Thracian rulers near Kazanlak, Bulgaria. »  BOOK A TOUR
The Thracian horseman god at the Roman Sostra, Troyan, Bulgaria
The archaeologists explored the sanctuary of the Thracian horseman god at the Roman town of Sostra, Troyan, Bulgaria in August 2012. »  BOOK A TOUR
A Roman tomb of 4 century A.D. was excavated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2012
A Roman tomb of 4 century A.D. was excavated in the South Roman necropolis of Roman town of Philip polis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria in summer of 2012. »  BOOK A TOUR
The artifacts of the Goths tribes of 4 century A.D. in Bulgaria
A clay form for making gold and silver jewelry was found in the Roman town of Nicopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in 2011. The archaeologists believe the clay jewelry form was typical only for the tribes of the Goths. »  BOOK A TOUR
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