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Folklore Festivals in Koprivshtitza and Predela
The most exciting folklore festivals in Bulgaria are those in Koprivshtitza and in Predela.Through the music, singing and dancing you will touch the unique Bulgarian folklore art. This is an experience you could not forget.
National Fair of Bulgarian Folklore Art in Koprivshtitza
The National Fair of Bulgarian Folklore Art has been holding in the town of Koprivshtitza since 1965. Every fifth year in summer the region becomes a center of folklore celebrations. Ensembles from all ethnographic areas in Bulgaria take part in the festival. Concerts are played in the open near Koprivshtitza performing the unique Bulgarian singing and dancing on 8 stages. Only the best performers from every region participate in the fair.
An interesting part of the celebrations is the review of authentic Bulgarian national costumes and exhibition of Old Bulgarian crafts. In the evening in the center of Koprivshtitza foreign folklore ensembles perform traditional Bulgarian folklore.
The Folklore Festival in Koprivshtitza is among the most impressing, exciting and important events in Bulgarian cultural life. It gathers at one place the best of Bulgarian folklore and contributes for its preserving and popularizing all over the world. The ninth edition of the festival was in 2005. And the next one (the tenth jubilee) will be held in the summer of 2010.
Pirin Sings Folkore Festival
The most important and the most popular activity in the region of Southwest Bulgaria is Pirin Sings Festival of folklore art. It is being held in Predela area which is near to the town of Bansko. Singers, musicians, dancers and folklore- tellers from the municipalities of the region participate in it. They present the traditional folklore, typical Bulgarian musical instruments, national costumes and jewellery. Their performances show Bulgarian folklore rituals during the year.
Pirin Sings Festival takes place every 2 years. The last one was in 2006 and more than 3000 folklore artists participated in it.
Special tours for visiting the Folklore Festivals in Koprivstiza and Pirin are organized for each event.
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